Introduction: Dc Voltage Measurement Using Arduino

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In this project i will show you how to measure Dc voltage up to 50v by using arduino and and display on OLED display module

part need

arduino UNO

oled display

10k ohm resistor

1k ohm resistor

jumper cable

Step 1: Voltage Divider Rule

arduino can measure maximum 5V DC so by voltage divider rule we can measure higher voltage

for design purpose i select 50 V maximum voltage so Vin = 50 , Vout = 5 (arduino max voltage) ,R1=10k ohm and by calculate as equation we get value of R2 = 1k ohm

Step 2: Connect OLED

connect oled display to arduino

Vcc => 5v


SCL => A5

SDA => A4

Step 3: Connect Resistor


R1 = 10K ohm

R2 = 1K ohm

and connect cable as diagram

Step 4: Upload Arduino Code

To control the OLED display you need the adafruit_SSD1306.h and the adafruit_GFX.h libraries.

Step 5: DONE