De-ice Your Freezer (laidback-style)




Introduction: De-ice Your Freezer (laidback-style)

Now, what to do when a roommate leaves the door to your freezer open over night, then realize what's been done and close the door without telling you.
You'll want to get rid of the ice, won't you? Well, this is how its done. Laidback-style.

Keep in mind, we are dealing with water, water is wet, water is hard (if cold), and water may cause damage to property and so on. Your landlord might be a little grumpy if you spill a lot of water in your flat.

I have been instructed to tell you that:
Now, lets get to "work".

Step 1: What You'll Need

Now, the case here is what do you need to de-ice a freezer. Some might use heat, from a reversed vacuumcleaner, or perhaps a hairdryer. However, this requires actually having to stick around, and working to get the ice off.

Here is what I think you'll need:
- The freezer (preferably without food)
- A bucket
- Gaffers tape / duct tape / electricians tape (this actually works best)
- A refuse bag, the big sturdy kind.
- A bottle, empty. 1,5 liters will suffice.
- A can of Coke. Or two....

Step 2: The Freezer, the Bag and the Tape... and a Refreshing Can of Coke...

1. Check that your bag is actually airtight. This is important , as earlier discussed. Have a sip of brown licuid sugar.
2. Turn the freezer off, and pull the plug. Have a sip of brown licuid sugar.
3. Open the freezer-door. Have a sip of brown licuid sugar.
4. Align the opening of the bag with the bottom of the opening on the freezer. Have a sip of brown licuid sugar.
5. Place a strip of tape over the full with of the opening, tacking the bag and the freezer together. Have a sip of brown licuid sugar.
6. Place another strip of tape a bit furher into the opening, parallell to the first, but this one a bit longer, so that it covers the the angles too. Have a sip of brown licuid sugar.
7. Make sure that the tapes seal the joint between the freezer and the bag, so that melting water or ice don't spill to the floor. We don't want that, do we now??
8. If you have a leak, use more tape. You can never use to much tape. Or, if YOU have a leak, use the bathroom...It's probably due to your excessive sipping.

Step 3: The Bottle and the Break.

Now that we have the setup ready for operation ice-extraction, we should make sure that everything ends up in the bag.
Place the bottle upright in the bag, so that it keeps the opening...well, open, actually.
Now, let nature and physics do its work, and have a break. Do something else for a while. Have another Coke, maybe. If you want to, you can certainly stick around and watch. But this is like watching paint dry. Only more boring.

Step 4: Round Up the Herd...

Now, it's been like, forever...
Your freezer is probably free of ice, maybe a little wet, but still, free of ice.
A big bag of water and ice is lying on the floor. It is imperative that you resist the temptation of jumping on it. Seriously.
Now, you can either loosen the tape, and just toss the bag at someone. OUTSIDE! Or, you can pour everything into a bucket an show it to your roommates while nagging and complaining about all the hard work you've been doing while they were away.

Aaaaaand, we're done.

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11 Discussions


5 years ago

Hey man. Great guide. Couldn't you have been a little less humorous? ?
Just joking. Thanks for the entertainment. I couldn't stop laughing at some points.


8 years ago on Step 3

If you pour salt on the ice, it'll defrost a lot faster - without the freezer needing to be as warm either. About as much salt as sips you took and you should be golden.


10 years ago on Step 2

That's not how you spell liquid... At least I assume you were going for liquid and not lucid...


10 years ago on Introduction

Tried this method and it totally worked. Even though we taped the bag to the fridge, there was still leakage on the sides of the mini fridge. So we put down rags inside on the sides to get the water and put a large towel underneith the bucket for any unexpected leaks. We also taped a hair dryer to the door pointing at the biggest chunk of ice. Let it sit for 20 minutes with the blow dryer on hi heat, then started to hack at the ice. The heat made the hole process take 30 minutes all together. Clean fridge! Just be careful of the little cables and tubes if you have any.


13 years ago on Introduction

i don't have time to leave something half way done, when i do it i gotta finish it, so i use the hair blower to warm up the inside. the blocks of ice just slide off.dry with paper towels, blow it some more to dry it well shove food back in and i'm set for the year.


Reply 11 years ago on Introduction

an iron for clothes works faster ;P
note, i have tried it, and it works, just watch out for the plastic behind the ice (if any)


13 years ago on Introduction

I fill up my supersoaker with hot (not boiling) water, then cut away the sections of ice imagining I'm using a waterjet cutter.


13 years ago on Introduction

I know it's called "laid-back method" but doesn't work so well if the freezer is full of food you'd quite like to keep. If your freezer ices up over time and you want to keep the food that's in it, pack it all together in a cardboard box with about 4" of folded towels between the food and all the sides of the box- your food will keep cold for hours. If you throw salt around the inside of the fridge or mix up a spray bottle of very salty water, it hugely speeds up the melting process, and is compatible with the "tape the bag there and leave it method" if you're in no hurry. We had to get inventive with a similar method when the freezer in my student house iced up so badly that food was stuck in the "glacier" around the cooling fins, but stuff in the middle was melting.