Introduction: DeLonghi Primadonna XS Steam Valve Cleanup

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DeLonghi Primadonna XS steam valve cleanup

I have hard water and even descaling each two weeks (much more often than the machine requests) does not help preventing limescale build up.

When some limescale breaks up (due to expanding/shrinking of boiler during heat-up/cool-down) it goes through all piping and eventually stops at steam valve disrupting steam stop – You may see/hear it when You use milk frother and after milk cycle the steam still flows.

The procedure of cleaning the valve is quite simple and fast and may save You time and money getting the machine to service.

I strongly recommend to clean the valve at first symptoms of problems because otherwise it may get destroyed (see further) and need to be replaced.


Please note that nearly all screws are the same except one little longer for upper cover.


Philips #1 screwdriver

Torx #9 screwdriver

long nose pliers.

Step 1: Open the Machine

Open the machine as shown on this movie:

The valve is located in mid of upper part of machinery

Step 2: Unscrew (1 Screw) of Heater Cover

Step 3: Take Off Heater Cover

Rotate cover slighly counterclockwise becasue it has a litte hook/notch on the left – please hook it back when reassembling (pic.7)

Then pull it forward, down and to You

Step 4: Detach Grounding Cables From Cup Tray

Step 5: ​Detach Water Pipe

Detach water pipe in heat shield pulling it up.

At reassembly carefully push it back.

Step 6: Unscrew Boiler 2 Screws

Step 7: Unscrew Upper Cover (longer Screw - Do Not Mix With Other)

Step 8: Free Small Pipes

Pull gently small pipes out of their hook

Step 9: Now You Can Pull (tilt) Complete Boiler Assembly With Two Hands – Do Not Use Force.

Step 10: Unscrew Valve Solenoid (body)

Detach three faston terminals from valve solenoid

Detach water piper from valve top inlet

Unscrew two small Torx screws on both sides of valve

Pull up valve body. The valve piston inside is lose – may fall out of body.

Step 11: Cleanup

Now You can see limescale residues/stones inside the valve and – more important – on piston rubber head. This is the reason for valve not working properly.

Remove carefully all residues from valve chamber and rubber head.

Step 12: What Happens If You Do NOT Clean It Up Soon...

If You let the stones to stay to long in the valve it may destroy the rubber head and valve will never again work properly.

Step 13: Reassemble in Reverse Order

Whole procedure takes approx 30 minutes at first disassembly and ca 10 minutes on next one.