Introduction: DeWalt Tstak Bluetooth Music Box

Hi All

This is my attempt at an Instructable so I hope it is OK

I decided that I want a Bluetooth sound system for work but it also had to match my equipment, As you've probably guessed, I have the DeWalt Tstak system

List of parts

Tstak deep box

4 x Speakers max 4 inch

4 x tweeters

1 x Bluetooth amplifier/receiver

2 x Crossovers

1 x Boxed 12Vdc PSU with charger

Various lengths of cable

Various nuts, bolts and screws

1 x C14 inlet

1 x Sheet MDF or PLY

All parts are to your own taste and requirements. As you can see on this project I used just basic vibe car speakers from Halfords at just a tenner and Harmon Kardon radiator speakers. In hind sight I would've just used 4 x speakers instead of the radiator speakers but after cutting the holes I didn't have much choice

Tools (I use all DeWalt but again any will do)

Cordless drill/driver


Circular saw

Steel ruler


Various drill bits and holesaws

Soldering iron

Hot glue gun

Step 1:

1st I needed to source a Tstak deep box as mine are all full. I just looked out on eBay and placed a bid on 1 local to me and of course won (£22 would you believe it)

Next mark out exactly where you want your speakers to line up (TIP: Look inside the box and see where the strength lines are and avoid if possible)

Step 2:

Cut out your holes with holesaw and hopefully it should look something like this (TIP: check your measurements again as they say "Measure twice cut once")

Step 3:

Start to install your speakers to make sure they fit (TIP: Fit from the inside if you can, for a cleaner look)

Step 4:

Strip out the power supply from the boxed unit.Install the power supply unit to the bottom front of the box (Reason: to counter balance the weight)

Step 5:

Install the crossovers, Bluetooth module and wiring. It is self explanatory with the wiring (TIP: DO NOT connect the speakers yet) Fit the C14 inlet in the side

Step 6:

Using your choice of wood cut the shapes with a jigsaw to box in your chosen speakers. To be fair as this is only for work and not for the professional Speaker builder, These are not measured or setup by how much cubic space they should be but should still be shaped properly.

Step 7:

I just used a hot glue gun to form the shape I wanted around my speakers. Also glued in a battery bay to hold the 7ah battery for portable playing. Drill a small hole for your speaker wires to come through the MDF or PLY and finally connect your speakers to the crossovers.

Step 8:

Install the battery, Switch on the Bluetooth receiver and play some music from your phone and enjoy

Step 9:

I also filled the speaker enclosures with wadding and sealed with draught excluder so the I can access any parts but the box lid will cause the seal when closed.

I am going to spray the MDF with black paint and also going to install a power button to be able to switch off the unit when not in use because as I sit and write this someone pushed my ring doorbell and it was super loud through this box and made us jump (Food for thought)

Step 10:

And the finished product (Before mentions in the last step) stacked with my other kit

Step 11:

Added some covers to protect the speakers

Step 12:


Gave it a little spray paint.

Added some catches so that I could have a platform to screw the charger to but still able to release just in case I need access to the components underneath

Also added a power button to be able to turn on/off the Bluetooth module easier from the outside