Introduction: Dead by Daylight Trapper

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I did a collaboration with two other girls on YouTube, we did all three of the monsters/killers in the video game Dead By Daylight.

Step 1: Start

First I sketched out my look with a white eyeliner pencil, then I covered my face in white face paint (ok if streaky) and left the mouth and eyes blank.

Step 2: Eyes

taking a few different shades on eyeshadow (line are all from BH cosmetics) I dragged lines coming out from my eye sockets. Some light some dark.

Step 3: Black

I filled in my eyes with black eyeshadow (blackout from urban decay) and then drug some more lines off that. I also shadowed around the face including where a crack on the forehead will be.

Then taking black eyeliner (liquid liner) I added the crack and deepened some of the lines coming out of the eyes.

Step 4: Mouth

I used white body paint (wolfe) to put in the teeth, they are all around the mouth and very small and sharp. then I took black body paint (wolfe) and filled in the rest.

Step 5: Detail Around Mouth

took the same browns and black to add lines coming off the mouth.

Step 6: Ears

painted my ears black.

Step 7: Silver Rods

taking a silver body paint (Mehron) I filled in the two lines on the side of my face. they are rods diving into his head. then i shadowed with the same browns and black.

Step 8: Body

starting the body, I sketched out the look.

Step 9: Base

I took brown and red body paint (Mehron) and rubbed it all over the body. (very messy looking)

Step 10: Silver

added some more silver rods.

Step 11: Blue

added his blue overalls with blue body paint. (mehron)

Step 12: Shading

took the same eye shadows to shade.

Step 13: Details

then used black body paint to detail more.

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