Introduction: Deadmau5 Head

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So I've seen all of those deadmau5 heads and i like them....but they don't hav to same look I thought so i teamed up with my dad and this is what we did.

Polystyrene Foam-home Depot
2-4.5" acrlic globes-home depot
1-13" hamster ball-pet store
white mesh-publix
electrical tape-home depot
4-fully threaded rods with matching washers and nuts
car primer
red paint
various painting tools
hot glue+hot glue gun
super glue

Step 1: Making the Base of the Ears

So you just place the rods where there supposed to go after measured then hot glue the layers together and sand down the sides lightly. After, cover the ears with bondo and yes it will dissolve the base a little but it DOES work. Just take your time and be careful.

Warning: wear gloves and respiration mask for your health.

LEARNING OBJECTIVE: learn how to use bondo,paint,sand,and scale a project.

Step 2: Starting the Head

For the head i used a 13" hamster ball. When you mark the head i recommend a dry erase marker for mistakes. With this you just take your time and be patient. For the top lip i taped the string to the top corners of the mouth and pulled the string down for a perfect curved mouth. After sealing the breathing holes with electrical tape you start cutting out the holes for the eyes and ears. Then start covering the head with bondo.

Step 3: Sanding

In this step you just sand down the bondo the best you can. Lucky for me my dad's a professional.

Step 4: Mixing and Adding Primer

With this my dad did most of the chemicals so i cant say much but after letting the primer dry you wet sand the head and ears. 

Step 5: Painting-Final

Again my dad did the chemicals but after painting you let the head dry, and drill out the holes for the ears and eyes.

Step 6: Have Fun!

I wore this to field day and had waay to much fun I have to say thank you to Ciara, Nickolas, and Jelyssa for being to best friends ever.

Step 7: Polystyrene Ears

1. Firstly, You cut and shave the polystyrene to scale and layer 2 cut ears on each other with the one or two rods in between, however many you want because the polystyrene is light enough to be held by one rod.

2. Then you hot glue the rods to styrene and then glue the layers together.

3. You take the red Lycra fabric and hot glue the material to the styrafoam.

4. If you choose to make the ears light up too, you also line the sides of the ear will velcro and the el-tape with velcro and stick them together.

--i would explain this more but i am very short on time sorry about this, to get more details just look at the pics--

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