Introduction: Deadmau5 Snow Sculpture

This is a Deadmau5 Sculpture made at Rutgers University during a snowstorm recently.  It grew quite large and required 5 people to complete.

Step 1:

First step was to make a solid roughly 6 foot round snowball.

Step 2:

Once it grows impossible to move, snow must shoveled on and packed so it still remains round. 

Step 3:

Finally More giant snowballs are required for the ears.  It will take several people to move the ears on top of the deadmau5 body.

Step 4:

After both ears are assembled, it now requires some attention to detail, carving out the body so that it is round and so the ears are supported and shaped properly. 

Step 5:

Finally the eyes are bulged, the mouth is carved, and using black food coloring, the Eyes and mouth are complete. 

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