Deadshot-Inspired DIY Hand-Mounted Spud Gun




Introduction: Deadshot-Inspired DIY Hand-Mounted Spud Gun

I’m a 20 year old Maker from the Philippines hallu

Suicide Squad is still pretty fresh from the theaters. And whether you liked the film or not, it can't be denied that of all the weapons used in the film, Deadshot's wirst-guns were probably the coolest! I knew wanted to make something close without being as lethal. So what I made isn't really mounted on the wrist, but it works quite similarly.

So, I've made a lot of spud guns in the past of different sizes. And they all had three common components: the combustion chamber, the barrel, and the igniter. All of these are easily attainable as you can find them in most households. A bottle or a pipe, if you're going bigger, can be used as a combustion chamber. A barrel can be a pen's tube, a straw, or a smaller pipe, for bigger guns. And an igniter's almost always a lighter igniter.

These components are very easy to find. We're making a very small spud gun so it wouldn't take too much effort.

-A small bottle with cap (preferrably a nail polish remover bottle)
-A pen's tube/ a thick plastic straw (about 6mm in diameter)
-A kitchen lighter/ just the igniter within it
-2 small screws
-Duct tape

Step 1: The Igniter

COMPONENT NEEDED: Kitchen lighter

You'll simply have to dismantle the kitchen lighter.
Remove the hood or that metal part from the lighter
Pry open the casing
Remove the igniter from the trigger carefully along with both wires connected to it

To test if it works properly, put the tip of the exposed ends of the wire close together at about 1/2 cm and give it a click. You should see a spark jump from one end to the other.
WARNING: Don't attempt to touch the wire while clicking it as it can shock you.

Step 2: The Combustion Chamber and the Barrel

COMPONENTS NEEDED: Small bottle w/ cap, pen's tube, 2 screws

Now that the igniter's ready, prepare the combustion chamber, and the barrel. I'm dividing this into two sections to make the two processes clear.

Get that small acetone bottle, and using a pin or a nail, poke a hole on two opposite sides of the cylinder
Punch, or a drill a hole about 6mm wide on the cap for the barrel to connect to
Insert a screw into each hole and screw it in to keep it in place temporarily with only one turn with a screwdriver

Using a cutter, cut a small section, about 4cm, of a pen's tube
Insert this into the hole on the cap and apply glue or epoxy if necessary to keep it in place

Step 3: The Strap for the Palm


This part is really easy. You just gotta make a strap on your hand for the parts to be attached to. An average hand is typically 3-4 inches wide so just go with 4 as we can adjust anyway. Double that and give a little allowance, or you can just measure your hand if you want it to be perfectly snuggly. Either way would work.


Cut about 9 inches of duct tape
Fold that strip in half, crosswise
Fold it around your palm and secure with more tape
Fold your fingers and your thumb, making sure it's comfortable to wear and allows enough movement and flexibility

Step 4: Assembly

COMPONENTS NEEDED: pretty much everything assembled and obtained

Now that most parts are complete, we can pretty much put everything together now.

Step 1: Attach the combustion chamber to the strap. Tape it in place with the screws on the bottle placed sideways.
Step 2: Tape the igniter opposite the combustion chamber on the other side of the strap. Make sure it's scure and will not displaced when clicked.
Step 3: Connect each wire of the igniter to the each screw. Wrap the wires on their respective screws and screw them in.
Step 4: Secure the wires to the strap to avoid shocking yourself when shooting the gun.
Step 5: Wear the device and give the igniter a few clicks to make sure it's working like it should.

Step 5: Loading and Shooting

We're done! It's pretty easy to load this gun so it wouldn't take too much effort.
You'll just need to spray or pour a few drops of alcohol inside the chamber, and then ram a piece of paper or a BB into the barrel. Screw the cap back on and point it at an appropriate target and then shoot!

CAUTION: Do NOT at anytime point this at any person/animal when loaded.

For a more visual tutorial, watch my video on YouTube.(sorry for the audio I don't really know what happened as I published it before leaving to go out-of-town. Nonetheless, I hope it helps:))

I hope you liked this Instructable(IT'S MY FIRST YAY!)

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