Dealing With Raw Edges of Burlap Fabric




Introduction: Dealing With Raw Edges of Burlap Fabric

If you have ever worked with burlap, you will notice that sometimes simply cutting out the shape of your table runner or place mat or small rug does not always do the trick. Because the edges are not sewn, they will be frayed and not necessarily have a finished, pretty look that you are going for.

In this video I show you how to simply using white netting material to finish the edges of the burlap without doing a lot of sewing. I did do sewing in the end along the border of the square I made for decorative purposes, but that is entirely up to you.

The same steps in this video can be used for any shapes you would like and is a simple DIY idea for quickly creating neat burlap creations.

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    While video is a nice tool to use for hard-to-describe projects, it's impossible to print out for a portable reference guide. It's also impossible to search.