Introduction: Deathstar Clock. Limited Tools.

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Death Star Clock - Limited tools
You don't need to have expensive big tools like a table saw or band saw or even a scroll saw to make some cool fun projects. The jigsaw is a versatile tool and if you take your time you can achieve some good results.

I used MDF and in hindsight this project may have been better if I used real wood, but that is what I found and had laying around my shop.

I stuck the template with spray adhesive as normal. I proceeded to cut out with the jigsaw using a very fine blade. It was actually a metal cutting blade. I took my time and to cut the shape out. And followed this up with filing and sanding.

I cut the backer piece out, again using the jigsaw. Clamping a hand held belt sander to my bench and use this to sand the backer piece, but if you cut more precisely than I did you can probably get away with orbital sander.

I then realise I didn't mark the centre for where the clock will be, so using a simple centre finding jig I find and mark the centre and drill this in both pieces.

I use a rotary tool to carve the super laser dish of the Deathstar, You can easily hand carve this if you have any carving tools, since I didn't I use my rotary tool.

I then cut the trench out using the jigsaw again making it into two halves. I the needed to cut a pocket for the clock to poke through on the back piece and again I drilled the starter holes and used the jigsaw to cut this out. On the actual Deathstar I need to chisel out another pocket so the clock would fit nicely and so the arbor could reach through.

Gluing the two halves on to the back piece and clamping I let dry... and once dry using acrylic paint gave some colour and gave a final coating of spray lacquer.

Using hot glue to set the clock mechanism in place and attaching the hands, insert battery and then hung...

As normal video can be watched here and May the fourth be with you.