Introduction: Deathstroke Full Body Suit

Through out this tutorial you'll learn how to use eva foam and how to cut and spray paint it. Please leave feed back and ideas for my next costume

Step 1: Materials

-eva foam (kid floor mats)
- white paper - kids ironman mask
-xacto knife
- felt
- eye patch
- hot glue gun
- straps

Materials cost around $50

Step 2: Templates

Templates is big part in a even and balanced costume. Each piece should correspond to the other the other. There should be one for the chest, abdomen, shoulder blade, and gauntlet. The belt is optional

Step 3: Cutting the Material and Spray Painting

Now take the template and trace it on to the foam and cut it. Spray paint each piece according to the colour of his suit. Remember take your time to spray paint and make sure you wear goggles and a mask.

Step 4: Assembling

Now that everything is spray painted start assembling the costume. Use hot glue gun gym bag straps(get it from walmart for $2.00). Depending your size will depend on how much you need. I used 4 yards but I'm 6'2, 215 pounds. The front should be done separately from the back. Than connect them from the side and back. Make sure that it is adjusted to the width of your shoulders and side.

Step 5: The Mask

The mask is quite simple take a ironman mask preferably an ironman 3 mask, I couldn't find one so i used an avenger mask. and reshaped it to deathstrokes likings using tape. Make sure the eyes are adjusted to deathstroke style, and tape the side.( please look at the deathstroke from Arkham origins its actually quite similar to ironmans mask. Now that it is taped spray paint the blind Side black and the other side orange. Using a $2 glasses lens to make the blind side look like its covered. When you take off your helmet you can put on an eye patch to make the blind spot look legit(optional).

Step 6: Finding an Appropriate Shirt and Pants

Best way to do this is find black cargo pants and a black shirt. I bought the shirt from Walmart and the pants from a sears warehouse. You can always get the pants from Walmart or a thrift shop.

Step 7: Destroy the Teen Titans