Debugged World in Minecraft?!

Introduction: Debugged World in Minecraft?!

Step 1: Go Into Minecraft

You would obviously have to go into minecrafts home page

Step 2: Create a New World

In order to do this, you have to go to the create a new world selection.

Step 3: Go to World Settings

Go to world options, once you're there go to world type and go all the way to the end at customized.

Step 4: This Is a Bit Tricky

Once you get to the customized section, you have to press shift and click the world type at the same time.

Step 5: And Ta-da! You Are in Debug Mode Vote for Me in the Minecraft Contest

You followed the steps correctly and you are now in debug mode, but you can't touch anything, mojang says so ! Please vote me for the minecraft contest :3

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    Also just some more helpful advice, press PrtSc (print screen) to "Copy" your computer screen. then u can past it in MS Paint or any art program and save it as a png screenshot.

    Hey dude just some helpful advise! When using minecraft press F2 to take a screenshot