Introduction: Deciphering the Art of Adding Salt

How many times have you heard the chef saying the list of ingredients for an exotic recipe with accurate amount, but suggests to add salt to taste.

Namak daale swad anusaar. (Transalation : Add salt to taste)

Isn’t it funny & intriguing that we haven’t been able to standardize the amount of salt to be added.

Yes ..yes.some people like more salty food and some less.But that’s true with chilli as well na. Atleast, we should be able to define ta way for those who are happy with just the right amount of salt !

I discussed this with some of my friends to understand if they even face this issue while cooking. I was amazed to find out that almost every was struggling with it. Although, some used a standard spoon to rescue themselves, while some asked their moms. Yes, moms because of their sheer experience. have ‘weighted’ hands to add the right amount of everything, leave alone salt.

For newbies, it's still a struggling activity.I even searched internet but couldn't found anything worth.

So, This instructable will teach you a method that I have been successfully using to add right amount of salt to dishes, no matter how much different amount you cook each time.

Step 1: Calculating the Amount of Salt

Sprinkle the salt over the surface of the round cooking vessel, in the middle of cooking, starting with the outer most circumference and gradually decreasing the radius until you reach the center of the vessel (similar to making a spiral).

(Read that again)

This covers the entire dish(and food) & takes care of the varying amount as you cook different amount of food in future because the circumference (when viewed from the top) decreases/increases as per the quantity of food being cooked correspondingly, making you add the right quantity of salt every time.

The Art of Adding :

A final trick, and this will feel posery at first, practice salting food at a height of about 10 or 12 inches above it. The distance gives a better sense of just how much salt you're trickling, and the granules will spread more evenly over the food's surface.It gives the cook a certain sense of confidence, too. Chances are you won't overdo it when salting in this fashion.

Step 2: Further Improvement

Just keep in mind that certain food have inherent salty flavor in them like Cheese,so you need to be a bit more careful while dealing with them.

You may follow a spiral with a larger pitch(distance between consecutive circle (paths)).

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