Deco Cans

Introduction: Deco Cans

Recycle cans to organize in a aesthetically pleasing way.

Step 1: Gather Supplies

You will need:

Scrapbook paper
Hot glue

Step 2: Take Off the Paper

Remove the paper from your selected cans.

Step 3: Wash Your Cans

Wash and dry your cans out thoroughly.

Step 4: Remove the Glue

The paper on cans is held on by glue. I find it to look messy with the glue so I used a knife to carefully scrape it off.

Step 5: Select Your Paper Measure and Cut

Select a piece of decorative scrapbook paper. Measure the width by holding it up to the can. Draw a straight evenly spaced line using a ruler and cut.

Step 6: Tape Paper Strip

Tape the paper strip to secure it to the can and wrap the paper tightly around the can.

Step 7: Hot Glue the End

Place a line of hot glue to the area where the paper ends. Be sure to wrap it tightly. Let it dry and you are done.

Step 8: Get Organizing

These cans can be used for pencils, pens, scissors, paint brushes, Popsicle sticks and the list goes on.

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