Introduction: How to Decorate an IPhone Case

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I love changing my iPhone case to match different outfits or themes but that can be pretty pricey. So, I often take my old iPhone cases and customize them with items that are cheap to buy or that I already have. See some of my ideas below.

Step 1: Nail Polish

Nail polish is your best friend when you want to change up the color or look of your iPhone case! First, get a clear iPhone case like this one. Then, apply nail polish to the case just as you would to your nails, in whatever cool design you'd like. Make sure to add a top coat to make the polish last longer. Some ideas include adding a solid color, polka dot, stripes, and a chevron pattern.

Step 2: Studs

Studs! I've seen studded iPhone cases all over Etsy and they can easily be made on your own. Use either super glue or hot glue to add studs in your favorite pattern. You may not necessarily own studs but you can get a good amount of studs for only $5 on Amazon, Etsy, or your local Michael's Arts and Crafts.

Step 3: Pearls

Old jewelry can be applied in the same way that you apply studs, it just may take more work to break apart old necklaces and bracelets and determine your pattern. You can make an outline of a heart and fill it with jewelry, or even cover your entire phone case in fake pearls.

Step 4: Lace

Lace or doilies make beautiful iPhone case covers. You can apply lace with glue or Mod Podge easily, it just will take significantly more time to dry. Doilies will dry quickly.

Step 5: Interchangeable Case

If you want to buy a clear iPhone case, you can print out photos and cut them so they fit on the back of the clear case (inside) or buy some patterned paper from your local craft store. This is fun because it's super easy to change it up depending on your mood.

Step 6: Photos

You can customize your iPhone case with printed Instagram pictures. I usually print my Instagram pictures using the website Printstagram but that would actually make this project harder since they are very thick paper. The easiest way to do this is actually to print the photos using normal printing paper and covering your phone case with Mod Podge. Apply two bigger pictures or make a collage on your computer of smaller ones to print out. After you apply the pictures, add a little more on top to seal the design. Don't forget to leave the space around your camera area alone.

Step 7: Pressed Flowers

Or you can glue on any combination of your favorite pressed flowers and cover them with clear nail polish or ICE resin (you can find this at any local craft store). This tip is a littler harder in execution but gives a beautiful result.

Good luck!!