Introduction: Decorate Your Doorway- Go Over the Top

Wreaths are great to put on your door and perhaps an interesting paint job makes any door more interesting but if you really want to add a zing to your doorway try going over the top. You can decorate the outside door as well as the inside doors but you must remember to make it secure against the weather. If you have children you might want to make an Over the Top based on their favourite theme. The kitchen could have a food theme. You get the picture.

Step 1: How to Make Your Own Over the Top

Plywood .188

Cardboard sheet

Access to a laser cutter or a scroll saw

Paint regular spray paint in suitable colours


Screws or other method of mounting

Step 2:

I downloaded a silhouette of a forest and the animals and then converted it to a vector file. You could choose a different background. Scale it to an appropriate size for the doorway (or top of a window etc) and a size that will fit the laser bed if that is what you are using. Then do the same with the animals of your choice.

I started by cutting out my design in cardboard rather than waste a large piece of wood if I had any mistakes. Once I was assured that the design was what I wanted I proceeded to cut it out in plywood. I retained the wood from the bottom of the design.

I then did the same with the animals, sizing them to be compatible with the size of the trees.

Once I had them all cut out, I painted them with spray paint. I painted the trees that were cut out green and the bottom of the design that was essentially waste, trimmed so the bottom edge was straight and painted it white.

I then painted the bears black and the eagle golden. You may choose to paint all of yours or even paint details on them or embellish the trees and animals.

I reinforced the two parts of the forest and snow with double sided tape and strong card stock.