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Introduction: Decorated Bike Fender

A few years ago I had the magnificent idea to make my bike fenders. The bike I owned had s***** plastic ones so I wanted to make some myself using aluminum strips.
At my school, I had a metal bending machine that I could use to bend my aluminum strips. I did this and then the strips ended up in a locker, my bike got stolen and I never finished the project.

I bought a bike that needed some upgrades anyways, and after replacing my handlebar tape with leather I thought "some nice fenders would be cool". I opened my locker and took the aluminum strips out and started.



-Aluminum strips (wideness to taste)

-Struts (fender holders), I salvaged them from another bike





-Marking tool



Step 1: Preperation

I started with attaching the strut to the bike axle and placing the bolts back on without tightening very hard, just enough to keep it in place.
I made a 90 degree bent in my aluminum strip of about 3 cm long using a bank vise.

Step 2: Setting Up the Fender

1. I drilled a hole so that I could attach the aluminum to the bolt holding my brakes.

2. I attached the aluminum strip on this bolt.

3. I decided how long I wanted the fender to be and marked it.

4. I placed the strut about 3 cm above the mark and marked a place to drill the next hole.

5. I used clippers to hold the aluminum in place while drilling a hole in the aluminum and strut at the same time.

6. I placed a bolt and nut in the hole and tighten it.

7. With the help of a hacksaw, I made a little cut in the aluminum and proceeded with bending it until it broke loose.

8. I filled the end so that I didn't have any sharps corners.

At this point you have a functional fender, but I wanted it to be special. I took the fender of my bike and gathered my spray cans.

Step 3: Spray Painting

I started with a coat of metallic purple as a background color.
After 2 hours of drying, I took some bright green spray paint and spray a bunch in a little cup. With the use of a brush and my fingers, I started to throw drops on the fender.

When doing this, try to do it lightly as not to make it too busy.

You can use different colors and mix and match to taste.

I happy that I finally finished this project and I'm proud of the result.

Ps: I will make an instructable about different spray paint techniques in the future.

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    I like your idea