Introduction: Decorated Mini Clipboard Whiteboard

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Decorate a clip board so it looks so much awesome - er than it started! Plus, turn it into a whiteboard / dry erase board for quick notes and doodles. We are going to take a mini clipboard and decorate it with tape and then put a layer of clear tape over it for a cheap dry erase board option.

You will need:

A Clipboard - regular sized or mini

Lots of Tape:

Colorful tape and Shiny tape - for decorating

Clear tape - for the whiteboard

Scissors - if your tape doesn't rip

Dry Erase marker - for testing out the whiteboard


Pens or Markers - for pretty designs on your tape

Pencil - for marking and planing

Paper - also for planning

Ruler - if you're into straight lines

Be warned: I did not show everything in the picture so look at the words mostly.

Step 1: Plan Out Your Design (Optional)

If you have a specific design in mind or just like knowing what to do then do this step. If not, skip to step two.

To plan out your design:

Place your clipboard on top of a sheet of paper. You may need a few if you are doing a normal sized clipboard, mine is mini sized.

Trace around your clipboard with a pen or pencil

Remove the clipboard

Start planing!

Step 2: Start Taping!

Now that you are all planned out (or not) it's time to start taping!

I just kind of started by peeling off some tape, cutting it and placing it on. I suggest wrapping excess tape over to the back of the clipboard.

You can tape how ever you want. I have some tips in the next few steps but really, it's what ever you want.

I chose cool colors because I like them and I happened to have them but you can do any colors you want. I recommend favorite colors, school colors, or house colors. Maybe this will be a Ravenclaw clipboard, who knows!

Step 3: Intersecting Striped

I went with mostly stripes because they are easy. Here are some tips for making cool looking intersecting stripes:

1) Lay out where the tape is going to go. Gently place it and don't try to stick it down, just get an idea of where the stripe will be

2) Draw a line where the tape intersects, either with a ruler or eyeballing it draw a line so you know where to cut

3) Cut on the line you drew

4) Stick the stripe where you want it to go

Step 4: Tape Over Tape

For my large silver stripe I wanted some blue on top. Here's what I did.

1) Stick the first piece of tape down

2) Stick the second piece gently over the first

3) Draw the design you want

4) Peel of the second piece of tape

5) Cut out the design

6) Tape the design on top of the first piece of tape

For the blue stripe I did a similar thing where I just cut a silver piece of tape length wise so it was skinnier and put it in the middle

Step 5: Extras

The scraps of my triangles were a cool zig zag that I put near the top of the clipboard. I decorated it with metallic sharpie. For another one of my silver stripes I used this cool metal tape which I was able to make bumps in with a pencil.

Step 6: Make It a Whiteboard!

This step is optional but awesome.

Put layers of clear packing tape over your clipboard for a cheap dry erase surface.

Packing tape is very smooth and works well as a dry erase surface but, it needs to be erased more often because other wise the marker won't come off at all. The wider your tape is the better, seams or bumps caused by two pieces of tape being next to each other make writing on your clipboard harder. Test out your dry erase board with a dry erase marker. Understand that this is not a real dry erase board and should be used less often than a regular dry erase board. Do not keep something written on this for more than a week, it will get harder to erase.

Step 7: You're Done!

Wether you added a whiteboard or not, this is a cool way to jazz up a clipboard!