Decorated Wall Lamp




Introduction: Decorated Wall Lamp

Build and decorate your own wall lamp.
It's cheep, it's easy, and it's fun!

Step 1: Electricity - Materials and Instructions

I bought the parts and put it together by myself.
You can actually use a ready made lamp and skip this part.

1. Electrical cord + plug + switch
2. Contact mount
3. Swivel
4. Master socket
5. Nipple
6. Washer
7. Dual socket
8. Wall mount

A. Connect the Nipple (#5) into the Swivel (#3)
B. Screw the Washer (#6) onto the Nipple (#5)
C. Insert the thin end of the Electrical cord (#1) into the Nipple (#5)
D. Connect the cord to Contact mount (#2)
E. Connect the Master socket (#4) to the Swivel (#3)
F. Connect the Dual socket (#7) to the Master socket (#4)
G. Connect Wall mount (#8) to wall
H. Insert Nipple (#5) into position on the wall mount
I. Tighten washer

Step 2: Plastic Cover - Materials

1. Plastic plate
2. Stencil paper
3. Spry Paint
4. Gloves

Step 3: Make a Stencil

I cut my stencil in a laser cuter but you can use this instructable: Photograph to Stencil
to create any pattern or design you want.

Step 4: Paint Your Design

1. Tight the stencil to the plastic plate. ( Use your fingers to secure the stencil in it’s place)
2. Spray a few layers of paint on the plastic plate depends on the type of the spray, color and desired transparency. (Let dry between layers).

Step 5: Hang on the Wall

1. To hang the plastic on the wall, you will need:
  • 4 Pipes - Their length is the length in which you want the lamp to be away from the wall
  • 4 Screws - Pipes Length + Plastic depth + length of anchor.

2. Drill a hole in each corner of plastic. (You can use the laser cutter also for that)
3. Put plastic on the wall and mark with a pencil the exact location of the holes.
4. Drill 4 holes in the wall. Put plastic anchor.
5. Insert Screw through plastic - pipe - wall.

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    15 years ago on Introduction

    Do you think maybe you'd be albe to post some pics of the fixture? Tha'd be awesome ;o)


    15 years ago

    Great instructable. I think it would be nicer (and I think fairly easy to do) if power source was a battery. I hate cords! AHH!


    15 years ago

    Ikea sells a TYFT Wall Lamp that is very similar to the fixture you made. I have thought about buying the lamp and then making a custom shade like you did to replace the crappy ones it comes with. I don't know how much you spent on parts, but the one from Ikea is $9.

    Doing it yourself is of course better, cooler and more awesome, but I just though I'd throw that out there.

    Nice Work!


    15 years ago

    Simple and well done. Nice.


    15 years ago

    Very nicely done. Only drawback, if you rent your residence, the landlord may frown upon the damage to the wall, but still, nice idea and nicely done instructable. ~C