Introduction: Decorating With Masking Tape

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I don't usually do arty crafty stuff, but thought I would have a go at this project and see how things turned out.
This is a fairly easy project which entails sticking masking tape onto a glass jar or vase for decoration.

Step 1: Materials Required

A vase or jar to decorate.
Masking tape.
Shoe polish of your desired colour.

Step 2:

If you have ever painted something around the house, chances are that you are bound to have some left over masking tape which is what i used here.
My intention was to cover the bottom third of the vase with tape, and leave the rest as clear glass. I was originally going for the basket weave look, but found that it was not easy to apply tape to a curved surface and not end up with creases in the tape.
After several failed attempts I gave up and finally went with a random pattern. I also discovered that a better effect on the tape was achieved on a torn edge rather than a cut one when applying the shoe polish.

Step 3:

I set about tearing up the masking tape into stamp sized pieces and sticking them to the vase, overlapping the previous pieces as I worked my way around the base.

Step 4:

After completing this all the way around, I then trimmed the top of the taped area with a Stanley knife to give a clean edge against the glass as shown above.
Be careful here when doing this not to apply too much pressure as you can score the glass as I found out the hard way.
I then used masking tape for it's intended purpose by butting it up against the cut line to save having to clean the glass after applying the shoe polish.

Step 5:

The tape was then given a couple coats of shoe polish to achieve the final look.
Remove the masking tape from the completed job.

Step 6:

The final step is to add some flowers to your master piece.
Here's my first attempt ever in creating a flower arrangement.
I thought it turned out not too bad even if I do say so myself.
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