Introduction: Decorating a Hand Pot Cast

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Well as you can see from photo Im no artist but as I was stuck with this cast for 6 weeks I thought I would try and make it a little more interesting and for sure my kids loved it.

Its of course really easy to do as long as you have a few sharpies or other perminant markers and some white correction fluid.

My only problem was Im right handed and the cast is on the right hand so it was slow work with the rest but also conveniantly my excuse for the none too great artwork ;o)

Step 1: With a Steady Hand

First of all I used a black marker to draw the triangle shaped teeth.

One completed I draw a line around the top of the teeth to form the mouth.

Then I added the eye and coloured it all in except for a small circle in the centre.

Finally I added the gills, just four lines then the two fins.

Step 2: Blank Canvas AKA New Broken Hand Pot Cast

My cast was only for a broken hand so it was a solid object that the permanant inks would not penetrate or be of harm to me in any way so Please ensure yours is of a safe material before you copy.


Sharpies or other permanent\waterproof markers

white correction fluid or what permanet marker

A steady hand, whichever one is free or get a friend to do it.

Step 3: Time to Colour In

I then draw a thicker black line around everything jso it was very clear.

Coloured in the teeth with white correction fliud. Not sure how this will stand up for 6 weeks but I cant get the hand wet anyway.]

coloured under the teeth in red marker.

Coloured the white circle in the eye with white corrector.


Also this is only an idea but you could draw any fish you wanted, The shark was my first idea due to the shape of the cast and also the colour.