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Introduction: Decoration for Event Table

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Decoration lamp for the center of the table again with multihealth logo

6mm MDF
6mm Acrylic

copper clad board (Thanks to wesleysuhler for the correction)

ferric chloride

SMD 3528 led
fish tank
fine cuted stone
super glue
AA batteries
Battery holder
small switch

other person see this decoration and ask for a sample i will share later (have a curious box)

sorry for the misuse of the language and the quality of the photos i use a cellphone

Step 1: The Viewed Parts

first i paint one side of the acrylic one red and other blue for the logo and cut the letters all the design was made on corel draw,
laser cut the letters in acrylic and the base in mdf, need some sanding process for erase the laser marks
glue all with superglue (Cyanoacrylate)

Step 2: The Pcb and Batteries

for the light i make a small pcb and use some 3528 smd led

first i paint the copper clad board, after it get dry engrave the copper clad board in the laser cutter and then immerse on the ferric chloride after the process finished, clean all the pcb with alcohol and separe all the pcb (i make 10 lamps)

i only have 16 hrs for make all the work and other stuff, it don´t have time for make a box for cover all, i only cover the pcb and leds inside the base and glue the battery holder to the base
i weld all the leds switch an battery holder

Step 3: Thanks

Thank you and I hope you like it, if you want to add some correction feel free to let a comment.

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    5 years ago

    This is awesome! I might build something like this for my wife for her work!

    Oh, and phenolic sheet, I think might be copper clad board. Copper clad board and ferric chloride are what I use to etch PCBs.



    Reply 5 years ago

    wesleysuhler, thanks for the comment and for the correction, and good luck with the project for your wife