Decoration for Your Room- LED Chimes !!!!

Introduction: Decoration for Your Room- LED Chimes !!!!

Introducing LED Chime decoration....

Watch the video........

here is how I made an LED chime for my room.....

This is a parallel connection circuit with every LED connecteed via 1K resistance..
It has 12 LEDs(10 RED, 2 BLUE), 12 1K resistances, it needs 4-9 volt bettery to make light.....
At frist placed the led on the mount board and connect every 1k resistance to led's anode and give possitive supply to led via resistance after every kathod probe connect individual nagetive supply after these connect the bettery supply for make light...

At 1st i create a cube box and center of the cube arranged a LED but it not satisfied me for that reason i break it up and make it again but what can i do for my satisfaction i really don't know..
After some time finally i got an idea and design 12 LED parallel circuit but the problem still on, when i arrange the LEDs on the mount board there is no sufficient space for RESISTANCE but after some time i found a way to solved the problem, solar every RESISTANCE with the LED'S anode pin, after do this bend a little bit of the RESISTANCE pin that make a center point to solder. I used a copper thick ware to solder and after all this it had been soldered permanently, but the problem still on with the cathode point of the LED. I used a insulated wire with the cutting insulation as per the cathode point as the LED situated.
I use 50v 2.2nF and 16v 220nF electrolytic capacitor for stability of power supply in circuit, the two capacitors are connected  between the circuit and supply.
After all this step the cathode point connect with the battery negative point and the another point of the circuit anode connect with the battery positive supply, and my LED CUBE ready for decoration or lighting.......

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