Introduction: Decorative Arrows

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This DIY is inspired by Ornamental Arrows. It’s super easy and fast (gorgeous, too), thus will be great for those who want to decorate their home but are short on time.

Things you’ll need:

  • Bamboo skewers
  • Coloured paper
  • Glue (I used UHU)
  • Embroidery strings
  • Scissors
  • Newspaper (to keep your table free from glue)

Step 1: Draw a Triangle But With a Blunt Head on the Paper

Step 2: Fold Them

Step 3: Cut the Triangle Out

Step 4: Cut Out Some Leave-shaped Paper

Remember to cut out some sort of ‘stem’ at the end of the leaves so that you can wrap and stick them onto the bamboo skewers with ease.

Step 5: Fold Them in Half

Step 6: Cut the Edge to Mimic Feathers

Step 7: You Can Also Do Something Like This...

Step 8: Cut Out Some Triangles

Remember to cut the ‘stems’ but not a sharp tip

Step 9: Cut Another Smaller Triangle at the End

Step 10: Fold Them in Half and Cut the Edges

Just like in step 5 and 6

Step 11: Glue the Triangle to the Tip of the Bamboo Skewer

Step 12: Glue the Feathers to the End of the Bamboo Skewer

Cut the skewer if it’s too long

Step 13: Use the Embroidery String to Wrap Around the Skewer and the Feathers

Step 14: Tie Several Knots and Glue It Down

Step 15: And You’re Done!