Decorative Bird Door Hanger - World Market Style

Introduction: Decorative Bird Door Hanger - World Market Style

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I saw a miniature version of the door knob hanging birds at World Market (Cost Plus) and wanted to make a larger version so I could see all those beautiful colors hanging on my wall !!!

Here's what you'll need:

* Fabric - different colors and patterns for your birds
* String - something thick enough to hold the weight of the stuffed birds, decorative beads and yarn and then ending cowbell ( if you choose)
* Stuffing
* Large beads
( with big enough holes to fit your string through)
* Decorative yarn or fabric strips to tie to the string between birds
* Cow bell ( for the bottom of your bird hanging)
* Bells (if you choose) to be strung with the beads and yarn or fabric pieces between each bird)

Step 1: Creating a Pattern and Cutting...

I started by drawing out a simple bird shape and a wing shape to create a pattern. ( The white is the bird and the black represents the wing shape to be cut out of a separate color or pattern of fabric then the one you use for your bird shape. You want the two fabrics to contrast / compliment each other). 

Then cut out all your pieces using the patterns and leaving a 3/4 seam allowance. We are sewing the seams right side out and a good size seam allowance will allow you to cut the edges in a curved, zig zag pattern all around or by using pinking sheers...(your choice).

FYI: You need a front and back for each bird and two wings
( I have a habit of leaving out important details while making things don't make my mistake:))
I made 6 birds all together.  ( That makes a 6 foot long Bird Hanger all together by the time you add the cord and beads between each bird)

Step 2: Sew 'em Up and Stuff 'em...

Take each bird ( back and front) and, first, sew the wing on each piece, then sew the birds together with the right sides out so your seams are visible........leave a little space for stuffing and sew the bird closed when you have it stuffed to you liking!

FYI: I needed a pretty small sized stitch on my machine to keep the fabric pieces firmly together during the stuffing you may want to shorten the stitch size on your machine before you begin any sewing.

Step 3: String It All Together....

**Make sure to leave a good sized length of string before your first bird and after your last bird to allow room for creating a loop to hang and a bottom space to add a decorative element.**

Now that all your birds are ready, you can take your string(whatever type you choose will work as long as it is thin enough to be pulled through the bird) and start stringing your birds together ...(I inserted at the top of the bird and came out at the bottom so the bird was hanging straight when hung up) making sure to add beads and decorative yarn (and bells) of your choosing between your birds to acquire the length you want for your final piece...(see photos).

Remember this is a relaxed, free-style bird hanging you what ever quirks you add will only make it more original and one of a kind....your kind :))

Step 4: Finish Up the Ends....

You can now take the left over string at the top of the bird hanging and turn it into itself and knot to create a loop to hang, or attach something to hang it from...(see photo).

And at the bottom, I Took two cowbells from the craft store and painted them gold so they could hand from the bottom of the bird hanging....(mainly for decorative effect more then making noise when bumped :)) See Photos...

Step 5: Hang It Up....

After everything to strung and tied together, you can  hang up your beautiful bird hanging and Enjoy!!!

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