Decorative Blacklight Christmas Tree Sculpture

Introduction: Decorative Blacklight Christmas Tree Sculpture

Using baking clay like this one I created a little christmas tree.

It is like normal clay, which after ready formed can be baked into a solid form.

Also I observed some of the colors react under blacklight, so in a future project I will enhance the tree with a little UV led which makes it glow like the pictures I posted using a blacklight flashlight.

Step 1: Creating the Pieces

First you need to have some kind of base. Like the red one in the first picture. I made it also from clay.

Then rolling up some clay lines in more sizes, I created the form of the tree.

Also from clay of different colors, I created some gifts under the tree.

Same goes for the star.

After that I started putting the tree together:

Step 2: Putting It All Together ...

So after all components are finished. I glued them all together.

Last step is baking them at 150 degrees C for about 15 minutes (see the instructions of the clay you buy since every type comes with different instructions)

Have fun!

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    2 years ago on Step 2

    This looks really cute!


    Reply 2 years ago