Introduction: Decorative Flower RGB LED Lights | DIY

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In this tutorial we will show you how to make decorative flower RGB Led light. You can watch the video which is embedded in this step for construction, parts list, circuit diagram & testing or you can continue reading the post for further details.

Step 1: Parts List

  • 47 * RGB LED's (2 Pin)
  • 16 * 120 or 220 Ohm
  • Heat Sink Tube
  • Straw
  • DC Plug
  • Fish Wire for crafts
  • Old Cooker Washer
  • Wires
  • Cardboard Sheets

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Step 2: Assembly 1

First cut two pieces of cardboard sheet to the outer diameter of the cooker washer.

Next connect the LED to the wire & solder it. Then insert the LED into two straws & secure the LED & the Straw with a heat sink tube or with a insulation tape.

Step 3: Assembly 2

Now secure the LED with straw to the cooker washer with a crafts fish wire.

Step 4: Assembly 3

Now for LED connections : Connect three led in series as shown in the diagram & in images

Step 5: Assembly 4

Once you have paired them, cover the back side with the cardboard sheet & expose the end wires of the LED pair for the external connection, also cover the front side with the cardboard sheet.

Next make a box which can be attached at back for holding the circuits.

Step 6: Assembly 5

Now connect the cathode of the each paired LED to the 120 or 220 ohm resistor depending on your input voltage. I am supplying it with 10 volts. Also connect all the anode together

Step 7: Final Assembly

Now attach the box to the back & stick a photo to the front & connect the power supply.

For testing you can watch the video embedded in the first step or Click Here

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