Introduction: Decorative Glass Lamp

We, a group of three, made this lamp as a part of our assignment of DD203(Materials and Design Process). This one is simple and easy to make with easily available stuff. It looks good whether on or off hence can be used as a lamp and for decorative purpose.Check it out...

Step 1: Materials Used:

1) Acrylic Fiberglass

2) Plywood

3) Nails

4) Wires

5) Bulb (60 watt)

6) Fevi kwik

7) Glass colors

8) M-seal

9) Bulb socket

10) Small piece of hollow bamboo

11) Color spray

Step 2: Cutting of Glass and Plywood

This process was done in our department workshop.For this lamp we used 10*10 inch fiberglass plates and the bottom was made up of plywood.Fiberglass is light in weight and is not brittle hence better than glass.Also four square pieces of plywood of half inch width were cut for supporting the glass.

Step 3: Plaining of Glass and Plywood

The ends of fiberglass and plywood were made plain and smooth.

Step 4: Drilling

A hole was drilled in center of plywood for wiring purpose.

Step 5: Glass Painting

This is the best part of the process.The glass pieces were painted using glass colors. We, not being so good in it, just tried to keep it simple.Anyway it gives you a good effect. Also the base plywood was painted using color spray.

Step 6: Assembling and Wiring

Now as all the things were ready it was time to assemble.We first fixed four pieces of plywood at four ends of base plywood to support the glass. Then fixed the bulb above plywood using small piece of hollow bamboo to make it stable in its place and removed out the wire from the hole drilled at center. Then the glass plates were put in its place using fevi kwik.

And..... its.... done.....

Step 7: Budget (In INR)

The budget was around Rs 250, excluding the price of plywood and fiberglass which we issued from our department.