Introduction: Decorative Light Cover for Under $11

So I decided to do this build because this bathroom light is so bright and it has gotten pretty annoying over time. It helps block most of it that comes directly at me and let's the rest come out the bottom. It is not physically attached to the fixture but rather it just sits on it so it doesn't ruin the fixture and you can easily remove it if necessary. There's still plenty of light for regular bathroom use and it's pretty inexpensive and easy to make!

Step 1: Grab the Materials

Since this light fixture is 4' long, I bought the wood at Lowes which will accommodate that length.

One 1"x4"x8' cut in half at the store for $1.83

One 1/4"x6"x4' craft board for $8.33

You'll also need some wood glue and clamps.

Step 2: Glue the Boards

Glue the boards as illustrated and clamp together. Allow the glue to dry.

I ran an extra bead along the seam as an added precaution but you don't have to.

Step 3: Install the Board

Place the board on the light fixture and you're done!

Feel free to stain or paint it. I haven't gotten any yet but that may be in the works later.

I could go back in again later and make a nice cover for the sides but this was good enough for me. I didn't want all the hassle of cutting larger pieces of wood down for another 1/2" or so of length just to cover the sides.

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