Introduction: Decorative Mountain Light

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today I am going to show You how to build this beautiful Mountain Light. It´s easy to make and will add a nice touch to Your bedroom, especially at night!

This is my first Instructable, so I would be very happy to hear from You what is good and what should be improved. Thank You!

Tools & Materials needed for this Project:

  • wooden board of Your choice, at least 1cm thick
  • LED strip, mine was 1m long with power adapter or battery pack
  • a few wood screws (optional)
  • wood wax or wood polish (optional)
  • paint brush
  • printer and computer (optional)
  • jigsaw or comparable saw
  • electric drill
  • different files
  • sandpaper
  • soldering iron
  • solder
  • a few small cables with isolation
  • cutter or thick needle
  • pencil
  • dowel
  • metal hooks (depending on how You want to install the light to Your wall)
  • a few clamps to secure the wood while working

! I take no responsibility for property damage or personal injury that occurs during or after the construction.

Step 1: Finding the Perfect Template-Mountain for You

Now You have to choose a Template for Your Light. You can search Pictures of mountains in the internet or maybe You have a favourite mountain, that You want to use?

I used a picture of the "Watzmann" which is an especially interesting looking mountain in Bavaria, Germany. I was there a few years ago and it was pretty impressive!

If You have found the perfect image for You, print it out!

Step 2: Transfering the Picture to the Wooden Board

Now that You`ve printed out the image, place it on the wooden board. Maybe You have to fix the paper on the wood. Then use a cutter or a thick needle to copy the image onto the Wood. Please only copy the contour of your mountain! If Your wood is too hard to copy the Image by a needle, You have to draw the Image per Hand on the Wood, but don`t worry, most of the woods will be soft enough ;)

If You have copied the Image on the wood, use a pencil to make the lines more visible, You have to see them clearly while sawing.

Step 3: Jigsawing

Now You have to cut out Your mountain! The best way of doing that is to use a jigsaw. If You don´t have one, You can also cut it out per hand, but this is much more exhausting!

At first, saw out big pieces, then do the "fine work"! Remember to be careful. It`s easy to ruin your mountain when You cut the wrong way or too far!

I recommend using safety glasses here.

Don`t worry when You made a mistake! In the next step, You will be able to correct it ;)

Step 4: Filing

Congratulations! You´ve finished the most difficult step! The result should look like the one on the photo above. But the monuntain still feels rough and it has some bad looking edges, but don`t worry! These will go away now.

It`s very easy to sculp the mountain while filing. Just be creative and add a unique design to Your mountain!

Please also file all edges on the front side, so they are a bit rounded. This will add a bit more plasticity to Your mountain. I used sandpaper for that.

When You are satisfied with Your result, You can move to the next step!

Step 5: Applying Wood Wax

! This Step is not necessary. But Your result will look much better when You use the wood wax.

If You want to apply wood wax or wood oil, You have to sand the front side down a bit. This will make the wood Grain better visible.

Then apply the wood wax.

As You can see the wax did make the wood appear really beautiful.

! Please note that the rear side needs to be fat-free, so don´t apply any wax on the back.

Step 6: Add LED Strip

Now itˋs time to add the LED strip. Just cut it to the right size and use the integrated adhesive to fix it on the wood. Make sure that the contacts of the cut strip pieces are free, my strap had a silicone covering that I had to remove first.

If You use a LED strip with a cable and power adapter like me, You can use a metal clasp to secure the cable properly.

Step 7: Soldering

Now, just connect the strap Pieces by soldering short wires to the contacts. Make sure You connect them in the right polarity ;)

Step 8: Attaching the Mountain to Your Wall

Now we need to build a wall mount. You can build one by Yourself or You use my idea. I screwed a small wooden Board to the back side of the mountain and drilled two holes into the downward facing side of the small board. Then, I attached 2 metal hooks onto my wall. This is an easy way of creating a wall mount.

! Please note that You might have to drill holes before screwing so the wood doesnˋt brake.

Congratulations! Your own personal mountain is ready to light up Your room!


Thanks a lot for being interested in this Instructable. That means a lot to me!

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Greetings from Nuremberg!