Decorative Paper Fans

Introduction: Decorative Paper Fans

Summer is here and all the fun that comes along with it! Then you start sweating.. a lot. Sadly it’s sorta hard to take your electric fan everywhere with you.. Here’s when decorative fans come into the picture!
These fans will keep you cool and fancy. They are also super simple to make !!


Here’s what you’ll need

And whatever you want to decorate the fan with :)

Step 1: Time for Some Origami!!

Before you start folding you might want to go ahead and color the fan right now if you want to draw on a flat piece of paper.

1. Fold your construction paper in half
2. Fold it in half again
3. Open up the paper; there will be two fold lines. Now you’ll have to fold the paper in half between those two lines, the other way, to create a zigzag fold ( look at last picture above )
4. Fold the end of the paper in line with the rest of the zigzag fold
5. Do the same for the other half of the paper
You’ll end up with the last picture above!

Step 2: The Handle

1. Cut the middle fold a little bit (like first picture above)
2. Gather the folds on each side of the cut (second picture above)
3. Fold them upwards on either side (third picture)
4. Now tape them and you are done with the handle! (Fourth picture)
5. Try spreading out your fan a little

Step 3: Decorating Time!

Now if you already colored the fan before folding it then you are done with your fan!
But for those who haven’t.. it’s decorating time!

I basically colored my fan with felt markers and stretched them out as much as possible. Then I was done!
You can be as creative as you like with these paper fans! And youuu’reeee done!!

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