Introduction: Decorative Paper

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This easy and addictive craft is only limited by your imagination! You can use the paper to wrap presents, make cards, scrapbook, make decorations and much more.

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Step 1: You Will Need:

  • Paper
  • Tub of water big enough to fit paper into
  • Skewer for stirring paint
  • Spray paint cans - colours are up to you
  • A rack to dry paper on - a clothes rack is fine
  • A well ventilated area out of the wind and not near anything that you don't want paint on

Step 2: Spray Paint Into Water

Give the cans a thorough shake and spray a little of one colour into the water. Hold the can close to the water so that spray doesn't go everywhere. Repeat with as many colours as you want.

Step 3: Mix Paint Colours

Use a skewer to mix the paint or to move it around in any creative way you want to try. You could dot the skewer around, run it up the centre or maybe simply wobble the tub to mix the paint.

Step 4: Place Paper in Tub

Gently and as evenly as possible place the paper onto the top of the water/paint. Try to gently roll from one side to the other to avoid an air bubble appearing in the middle of the paper. The paper should only be in there for a second or two.

Step 5: Remove Paper and Leave to Dry

Gently remove the paper and leave it on a flat surface to dry. DO NOT (like I did) forget to bring them inside - especially when a storm is brewing!

Step 6: Be Creative

Don't be afraid to experiment! I dipped the edge of this paper into the water to try to skim the excess paint off the top - and the effect was amazing.

Step 7: Clean Up/hint and Tips

Make sure you turn each spray can upside down and spray and paint out of the nozzle - the output will lose colour quickly. This stops the nozzles and tube blocking with dry paint. If necessary, try soaking the nozzles in some Turpentine to see if you can clear the dried paint - it may not work though.

Use old paper of fabric to blot the left over paint off the water before discarding it. The paper/rags can go in the bin.

You can use this process on other items such as gift bags and boxes, blown out egg-shells, or empty tins to decorate for use as storage.

To see this activity in action visit Maker Muster on YouTube.