Introduction: Decorative Shelf (pallet Wood)

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This decorative shelf is made from pallet wood. You will need six pallet slats (18 inches or more in length), tape measure, drill with bits, screwdriver, planer or sander, router, clamps, forstner bits, table saw or jointer, scroll saw or jig saw, wood glue, screws, and of course safety glasses. You will also need finishing supplies according to your choice of colors. This is another fun project and can be made as gifts or for craft shows. Use your imagination and show us if you make one of these.

Step 1: Clean the Edges of the Pallet Boards

I use a jointer to make clean and straight edges on any of the boards I join together. Both edges are ran through the jointer until smooth and level. You could also use a table saw to get edges straight.

Step 2: Dry Fit Your Boards

I like to dry fit my boards and pick the sides with the nicest grain for the front. Then all the boards are ran through my thickness planer so they are the same thickness. The planer also gives you a clean fresh surface when using pallet wood.

Step 3: Glue Up

Next apply wood glue to all joining edges on four of your boards. Then clamp the boards together securely. I place wax paper under the boards in case any glue seeps out. Your project won't stick to the wax paper.

Step 4: Making the Top Shelf

Run the last two slats through the thickness planer to achieve a clean even surface (can also be sanded clean). Now cut 2 pieces 7 1/2 X 2 3/4 inches from your pallet slats. These will be the top and bottom shelf. Then cut two pieces 2 3/4 X 1 1/8 inch. These will be the sides of the shelf.

Now move over to the drill press and use a forstner bit the size of the bottom of the bottle you will use on display. These will be on the top of the top shelf. Set your depth on the drill press to make a depression deep enough to hold your bottles. Make sure the holes are centered according to the bottles you use.Trace the bottles on the shelf with a pencil if needed. You can also use a hand power drill for this, but you will need forstner bits. Forstner bits can be purchased in sets and they are not too expensive.

Step 5: Making the Bottom Shelf

You will do the same for the bottom shelf using a bit slightly larger than your glass stems. On the bottom shelf you will drill the hole completely through the wood. Again center these holes according to the glasses you use. Then over to the band saw to cut slots for the glasses. I make the slots slightly smaller than the stem hole. This will hold your glasses in place. Now glue and clamp all of the shelf parts together forming a rectangular box. This will mount to the front of the heart soon.

Step 6: The Heart

Finally the glue has dried and we're ready to cut the heart. I drew a heart onto my pallet boards The heart was approximately 10 1/2 inches high and 10 inches wide. I angled the pattern to make the slats slanted. Then cut out the heart using a jig saw or a scroll saw. You will need to use either a router of sand the edges round. I use my router table and round all edges including the shelf.

Step 7: Finishing the Project

Screw the shelf onto the heart from the back. Then use your choice of stain or finish. I kept the natural look with numerous coats of clear lacquer.

Choose a way to hang the shelf. I utilized a keyhole on a separate piece of woof glued to the back.Then place your mini bottles on the shelf. These bottles can be glued in place if you like. I picked up some nice stemmed glasses with a green tint. All that's left is to find a place on the wall for your new shelf.

Step 8:

The whole project turned out great. It was very easy to make and can be made with limited tools. Since I am a hobby woodworker I don't have the most expensive tools. I tend to buy my tools at discount stores and yard sales, and this works for me.

Let me know what you think of this project and be sure to send pics if you decide to make one. I'm happy to answer questions when I'm available.

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