Introduction: Decorative Stand

This decorative stand is a smaller version made of hylam and a bigger version can be made using wood or any other material. Its simple to make.


A CNC Router

A Designing Software

A MDF board/ Hylam/wood.


Step 1: Create the Sketches

Go to designing software and make these shapes of required dimensions. Keep in mind that the C- section which you are inserting should fit in tightly, so the slot width is equal to the thickness of the material you are using.

Step 2: Cutting on CNC Router

Import your designs to a CNC router and get started. I had 2 of those triangle shaped stands and 3 of those semi circle beams. CNC machine saves your time in machining as well as material management.


After cutting all the pieces on the CNC router, assemble them one by one with glue or you can just fit them tightly. Once done, this lovely looking piece is ready for display.