Introduction: Decorative Wooden Jewelry Stand

This project creates a jewelry stand which is both functional and decorative. This jewelry stand can be kept on your vanity to hold your jewelry. This item is designed for disassembly, hence the use of screws instead of nails.


Wood Plank (9in x 14in x 1.5in)

Red paint

Paint brush

18 Screws


2 pieces of white yarn, one 25in long and the other 63in long

1 piece of blue yarn, 53in long

1 piece of yellow yarn 48in long

Step 1: Painting the Wood

The first step is to use the red paint and paintbrush to paint the side of the wood plank that you will be adding screws onto. Paint the surface completely as well as the sides for a neat look. Allow for paint to dry completely before proceeding to the next step.

Step 2: Marking the Spots

Using an outline/stencil, mark the spots where you want to have the screws. The spots will be on the edge of the paper heart, and mark with a dot using a pencil on the wood. To get an idea, you can position the screws on their heads to see the distance and placement. Refer to the picture for how the screws were placed. I had just printed a heart shape from the internet and cut it out before using it on the wood. Once you are done marking the spot, feel free to recycle the paper heart as you no longer need it.

Step 3: Adding Screws

Now, just screw in the screws using a screwdriver in the spot you previously marked. Be sure to leave some space between the screw and the wood. Don't screw the screws in so that they are completely drilled in. Leave about half a centimeter space in between the screw and the wood. This doesn't have to be measured precisely, but keep in mid you will be looping yarn around the nails, so leave space for the yarn.

Step 4: Yarn Heart Outline

Using the 25in white yarn piece, you are tying it around the screws. Line the half way point in the yarn with the bottom center screw and line the yarn up against the screws. Both ends of the yarn will be wrapped around the center top screw, and tied with a knot. A double knot is recommended, then cut excess yarn.

Step 5: White Yarn Pattern

Tie one end of the 63in white yarn piece to the screw on the left side. Using the picture as a reference, create a vertical pattern between looping the yarn around a screw at the top and bottom. It should look kind of like a zig-zag pattern. continue looping till you reach the right end of the heart shape and tie the yarn around the screw that you end on.

Step 6: Blue Yarn Pattern

Similar to the previous step, you will do the same type of patter, but with the 53in blue yarn horizontally. Tie one end of the yarn to a screw at the top and continue looping the yarn around screws on the left and right side creating a zig-zag. Once you reach the final screw at the bottom center, tie off your yarn and cut the excess yarn once fully secure.

Step 7: Yellow Yarn Pattern

Just as we did for the last two steps, we are repeating the same pattern with the yellow 48in yarn. This pattern is still horizontal, but this pattern goes from right to left instead. Creating the zig-zag pattern, go from right to left till you have reached the bottom center screw. Finally tie the yarn to the last screw, making sure the yarn is secure and cut the excess yarn off. Now you have finished your decorative jewelry stand and you can hang necklaces and earrings off the yarn pattern heart.