Introduction: Decorative World Travel Map

Turn a standard map of the world into a showcase for your travels by plotting the places you've been.

Make a plain wall into a travel diary and source of inspiration.

Step 1: Foam Board

  • Layer 1 - Lay the foam board next to each other so the total size is larger than your poster
  • Layer 2 - Make a second layer but cut the board in halves and quarters so that none of the seams will lie on top of the seams on the first layer
  • Use spray adhesive to glue the two layers together
  • Use tables and books to hold the layers together while the glue dries.

Step 2: Mount the Map

  • Use double sided tape or spray adhesive to attach the map to the board
  • Cut off the excess foam board with a sharp craft knife

Step 3: Plot Your Travels

  • Push small nails into all the places you have been.
  • Wrap the string around the nails in the order you traveled to each destination
  • Add a drop of super glue under the head of every nail to hold the string in place.

Step 4: French Cleats

  • Make 4 french cleats out of thick corrugated cardboard by staggering 2 strips and gluing them together with hot glue
  • Make the other half of the french cleats (that will mount on the wall) but chamfer the corners and leading edge so that the cleats will slide together easily
  • Note the ‘grain direction’ of the corrugated cardboard. This is the strongest way to use the cardboard in this application.

Check out butynski’s instructable to see what a real french cleat is made of wood. This will help to understand the concept if you don't know what a french cleat is already.

The cardboard cleats were a bit of an experiment. I wasn't sure how strong they would be but they turned out great. It is very strong and stable.

Step 5: Mounting French Cleats

  • Glue the straight cleats to the board with lots of hot glue
  • Slide the cleats to be mounted on the wall into the cleats on the board and add some double sided tape. I added some masking tape to the chamfered edge so that it would grip the cleat and not fall out.
  • Put your map on the wall in the position you want it and then unhook it from the cleats.
  • The wall cleats will remain in place held by the tape in the perfect position. Put some screws in to hold them permanently

Step 6:

  • Hang your map by sliding it down over the wall cleats and surround it with your favorite traveling pictures.
  • There are two threads on my map. One for my travels and one for my girlfriends. I twisted both threads for destinations we went to together.


Use gel super glue and use a pencil or toothpick to apply the glue.

I picked an old looking map and copper nails. I think this color scheme works great.

If i was to do this again i would try and use a thicker thread or a color that contrasts the map more.

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