Introduction: Decoupage Lamp

Decoupage lamp was made of wire and wood glue and paper napkins in different colors .

You need a 1 mm wire, easy to curve and make shapes and wrapping with round nose pliers.Paper napkins you have in the house or you collect them on some parties or celebrations, one or two , because you do not need to buy 20 packages of napkins just for this project :)

Please follow the steps down below :)

Step 1: Wire for the Base

Wire for the base of the lamp . You will make 3 basic construction and 45 small colorful hangers . 15 for each raw.

Step 2: Basic Ring

You make 3 of this rings by wrapping a wire around some circle object like a big jar or a cooking pot. Dimensions are about 30 cm / 12 inches in diameter.

Step 3: Make a Small Parts, Hangers

Wrap a wire like in the pictures , and make a shape like this final picture. You will need 3 times 15 pieces of this wired shapes . Use the tool like in the picture or similar . This wire is easy for work and cutting.

Step 4: Basic Construction

Basic construction should look like this. You place one of your basic rings on the top of some helping object , you find in your house to hold your construction. I had this wired stand for the vase and I used it . You can use plastic flower pot ,big glass jar , even a ball to hold your basic construction during the first steps. When you are using a ball , you adjust rings to the ball shape and make a different sizes rings.

Step 5: Paper Napkins

You will need a various color paper napkins , all you can find :)

Step 6: Wood Glue

Glue for wood is needed for decoupage technique . Pour a small amount of water in the plastic container and then add some wood glue and mix well . ( 1/2 of a coffee cup of water and two spoons of glue)

Step 7: Decoupage

You will glue and wrap the paper napkin around the wire like this .

Step 8: Decoupage

Wrapping a napkin around the wire ,like this . You wet every piece of napkin with glue every layer carefully . If you make a hole, or tear up , do not worry, just ad some piece of napkin above and glue again . Or do it again, if you destroy all . Decoupage is fun because you can not make a mistake you can not correct .

Step 9: Drying

Every piece you made, hang on the rings for drying . It will dry in a few hours .

Step 10: Dried

You made a 45 of this pieces. Then you place them in 3 rows and place colors as you like . Do not place the same color above a piece . Make it equal colorful. Take your time .

Step 11: Start to Hang

Use the top curvature on each small piece to hang it on the basic lowest ring first . You will have a better view to hang the next ring in the middle , and to fill empty space easier. ( I do not know why this pics are upside down .. When I upload them they are right ... ahhh ) but you will see what you need to see :) :) :)

Step 12: Finish :)

When you have arranged the small pieces and you are pleased with color distribution you have a LAMPSHADE you can use to adjust on some old lamp or use a CANDLE . I used a candle placed inside in a small container placed and hanged in the middle of the lampshade like on the first pic . In the dark room you have a much better shadows on the walls , but I could not take that picture in the day light .. and there is just a few days for this contest :)

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