Introduction: Decoupage Napkin Frames

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This is a great project for kids. My mom is the art docent for my sisters class and I help frequently. We came up we this idea last year when creating a project for her 2nd grade class. It is pretty cheap except for the paint pens are about $3.00 each. I hope all of you enjoy this beautiful and simple project for kids.

Step 1:

Wood Frames (Only $1 at Michael's)
Paint pens
Mod Podge
Decorative napkins
Plastic gems

Step 2: Cutting the Napkins

If you plan on doing this project with a class, make sure to do this step ahead of time because it is very time consuming and not very easy for little kids. Take your napkins and begin to cut out each individual design. Then separate the different designs into several plastic bags.

Step 3: Starting Your Frame

Choose the design you want to use that you cut out of the napkin. Take between 10 and 15 individual pieces or less depending on the size. Then, take your frame and the mod podge. Use a brush to paint on the glue and then stick on your napkin pieces. Paint another layer of glue over the paper pieces and allow the glue to try for about 90 minutes or more.

Step 4: Using the Paint Pens

Use whatever color paint pen you want and begin to paint the whole frame besides the area where the decoupage is located. I found that most of the kids liked to use the gold pens so make sure to by a lot of the gold ones if you are doing this project with a class. The paint will take about 30 minutes to dry and then you can take the plastic gems and more mod podge and stick them all over your frame. It seems that when you go overboard with the gems it actually look better.

Step 5: Examples

Here are pictures of examples that my sisters class made just to give you some inspiration. I hope everyone enjoys this project!

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