Decoupage Candles

Introduction: Decoupage Candles

This is a really fun and quick project. You can customize your candles/candle holders however you want. I made this particular set in a Halloween theme because I love Halloween all year long.

You will need the following :

Glass jar candles with or without lids
Glass candle holders (you can add a candle to later,whatever you prefer)
Stained glass spray paint
Clear spray sealer (Clear spray paint works just as well)
White glue or Mod Podge (White glue does wonders)
Paint brush
Various stickers, pictures, magazine clippings...whatever you would like to glue to your candles.

Step 1

Clean the glass jar thoroughly to remove junk. Also if possible remove label if the jar has one, but this is no biggie.

Step 2

Take jars to a well ventilated area and spray OUTSIDE ONLY with the paint of your choice. I chose red to look like blood to match my Halloween theme. The paint works better if you spray in light coats. Let dry.

Step 3

When paint is dry, begin to decoupage. Apply a small amount of white glue with brush to object that you would like glued, and affix to jar. Apply a thin layer of glue over the glued objects for better adhesion. Let dry.

Step 4

Spray with clear spray. Let dry.

Step 5

Light your candles, admire your work, and relax :)

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    Its so simple its genius! well done my friend, well done