Introduction: Decoupaged Treasure Box

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This old, musty flatware case was destined for the dump before I decided to make it into a "Mom's Treasure Box".   I love giving things a second life...I'm forever rummaging around at junk stores - much to the amusement of my family.

I found a book of bird stickers from the bookstore that I never used for anything and decided that they would be perfect to decorate the box. 

You'll need:
 Blue and gold paint, primer paint (any white paint will work), decoupage medium, stickers or pictures, sand paper, white glue,  polyurethane, felt.

Step 1:

I ripped out the stinky innards that held the flatware then washed and dried it. 
Sand it lightly, then cover it in white paint (I used gesso).

Step 2:

Paint it your base color, I used blue, and when it's dry "daub" it with the metalic paint for a mottled effect. 

Step 3:

Plan the placement of your stickers/ can even overlap them.  Glue them into place and coat with decoupage medium - I did about 15 coats, but true decoupage can be 30-40 coats!  When it's dry seal it with the polyurethane. 

Step 4:

Cut the felt to fit the inside and glue into place.  Now you have a special place to keep all the cards and wonderful pictures drawn by little hands!