Decrease the Click Sound of Any Mouse.

Introduction: Decrease the Click Sound of Any Mouse.


Decrease the click sound of any mouse.

The problem is that many mouses out there produce a high and annoying
sound every time their buttons are pressed.
To solve that issue I'll try to guide you and show you what you can
do to reduce by some db that clicking sound.

Step 1: What You'll Need

What you'll need.
A mouse.
Soldering gun.
Soldering paste.
Some soldering removal.
Safety pin

First, start by disassembly the mouse

Open the case and proceed to disassembly the logic board.

Remove it from the case and localize the mouse buttons.

I'll recommend to desolder the buttons insted of trying to take
them directly from the board.

The buttons are a small pieces of hardware and they have to be treated with care.

Step 2: Localize and Change

Now that you localize the buttoin open it by unclip the plastic
holders in each side of the button. Use the safety pin.

Now look this picture

The button is simple a metal array with a mecanism that allow the
current flow at the time the button is pushed.

The blue dot represent the gap between the two metal pieces.

The trick is to reduce the gap between the two pices of metal
localized at the end of the button.

To do this, apply pressure to the top metal pice and reduce the gap just a little.

Be carefull or you may ruin the mecanism that bring the button up
when pressed.

Step 3: Done

When you think is enough, assemble the button and press it few times to
check the result. If you need to adjust the button again repeat the process.

When you feel satisfied by the sound and pressure, assemble and solder again.
Put the mouse together again and do a test.

If you feel that the mouse isn't clicking correctly, disassemble and repeat the process.

Good luck with your new mouse!

Here's a video about all these steps:


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