Introduction: #Deedu Automated Gardening Plant - Activity 1

The purpose of this activity is based on comprehension and observation, using the automated watering plant kids will be connected to different european classes. This activity goal is giving them a common bases to exchange later about environment in english.

The activity can be developed on smartphone as a tool to watch video on youtube or can be performed on video projector in the classroom. (the access to video will be available by QR code (physical graphic link to internet webpage) and children will be able to watch them on purpose)

Step 1: The Automated Gardening Kit

In following this link you will find the tutotarial to assembly of the automated watering kit developped for the European Project #Deedu, Digital and Environmental EDUcation.

Step 2: Activity

For this example of activity we decided to use some support with link to watch internet video in english about environment and fonction of trees. The idea is giving some basic and common knowledges about environment and encourage kids/students to exchange about it.

Links of video:

-the plant kingdom link

-The trees link

-The ground link

-The water link

-The sun link

-Photosynthesis link

-Atmosphere link

Those video are made by Happy learning and are great ressource for kids to learn english about mayn different topics.

The video should be watched in group and teacher should encourage kids to explain it with their word to see how much they understand the topic of the video.

In the second time and after different session to understanding the system of plant (photosynthesis) kids will be invite to observe the connected plant available in their classroom. and detail all sensors to understand their utilisation.

To help kids to understand the videos an lexical can be provided to them.
Roots - the part of a plant which attaches it to the ground and are used to take water for soil.

Water - is a liquid present on 70% of our planet and the first need for life

Sun - is a star from who our planet is turning around

Light - is created by lamp or sun to make things visible

Soil - ground of earth Moisture - water in a solid or condensed on a surface

Plant - is a living organism like trees, herbs...

Leaf - is a flat part of a plant who make plants breathing

Tree - is a kind of plant

Co2 - carbon dioxide is a gas (created by human in breathing and cars, planes, boats…)

Temperature - measured with degree to know if it’s cold or warm

Wood - is an material who compose the stem of a tree

Stem - stem is the structural part of the tree

Seeds - are small reproducing parts created by plants to reproduce themselves

Crate - a crate in a box with the top open

Pot - is an recipient

Screen - is an electrical component where we can see or read values

Sensor - are electrical component to take information

Step 3: ''wireless Phone''

Per groups

The teacher can give a video to watch on smartphone by on kids of the group with an headphone, this video will be in english after one or two watchings,
the kid 1 can tell to a second kid the content of the video and explain in english using the lexical what he watch, during this time the other person of the group should put their hands on their hears.
after 1,2,3,4 kids the content will be degradated but the last kids will perform an presentation in front of the group or classe what he learned. Then the video can be watched by everyone.

In this activity we want to involve the smartphone as a tool, the communication in english and speaking in front of public.

Step 4: Credit

This activity was made by Pralnia Makerspace, Poland under the supervision of Digijeunes.

This tutorial has been produced as part of the DEEDU project, co-financed by the Erasmus + Programme of the European commission. Project n°: 2018-1-FR02-KA205-014144.

The content of this publication does not reflect the official opinion of the European Union. Responsibility for the information and views expressed therein lies entirely with the authors. For more information, email us at