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Where there are hell lot of varieties in chicken recipes my all time favorite is Chicken Kabab and in this tutorial I'm gonna show you how to prepare Crispy Chicken Kabab in a easy way.

If you are a chicken lover then I'm sure this is going to replace your favorite KFC chicken or anything.

It is healthy for sure because it's homemade. Apart from that it will be delicious because of the ingredients used.

Now it's time to give your mouth some pleasure.

Step 1: Ingredients Used

These are some ingredients you'll find in any general store.

  1. Chicken (500 grams)
  2. Chicken Kabab Masala
  3. Ginger Garlic Paste(10)
  4. Eggs(1)
  5. Vegetable Oil

Step 2: Preparing Masala

First you need to take a clean bowl and add Chicken Kabab Masala into it.

Now break an egg and put it into the bowl along with the yellow.

Mix it thoroughly till all the egg gets mixed into the powder and forms a paste.

To this paste add 10 gms of ginger paste and 20 gms of garlic paste

Mix it well until it becomes a fine paste. You can add some amount of chilli powder if you like it spicy.

Now you are done with preparing the masala. Keep it aside.

Step 3: Add Chicken

Take the chicken into a bowl and clean it well.

After cleaning the chicken cut it into small pieces so the it will be deep fried.

Now add this chicken into the Masala paste that we prepared in the previous step.

Mix it well till all the paste is coated to the chicken pieces.

Keep it aside for 15-20 minutes.

Step 4: Deep Fry

After keeping the Masala Coated chicken aside for a while, keep a pan on the stove and turn on the flame.

Add Vegetable oil into the pan and wait until the oil gets heated up.

Add the chicken pieces one by one into the pan and deep fry.

Take em out and keep them into a container placing tissues below them so that it observes oil.

Garnish them with onions or coriander and enjoy your favorite chicken.

Thank you

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