Deep Sea Eyeshadow Make-Up!




Introduction: Deep Sea Eyeshadow Make-Up!

1. Ponds/ Nivea facial creme $5-$7

2. NYC Primer $5

3. Italia liquid eyeliner $2

4. Italia deluxe earth toned eyeshadow palette $3 (only at the swapmeet) It will probably cost more online because of shipping

5. Milani (Teal The Truth) 605 Eyeshadow - $2

6. 3 Makeup Brushes : Blending brush, Eyeshadow brush, Detailing brush ( I recommend elf brushes, they are cheap and work pretty good. It doesn't really matter what brand or type of brush you buy its all about how you use it! :) $4

7. 1 paper towel ( This is not intended to thoroughly clean the brushes simply to remove any excess color from them)

8. Maybelline Fit Me Foundation -$5 (find your shade)

The photos have not been Photoshopped or tampered with.

Step 1: Getting Prepared!

1. Wash your face

2. Apply facial creme to help hydrate skin (Ponds or Nivea creme work well)

3. Apply primer on the eyelids (make sure to spread and cover the whole area of the eyelid). Wait for the primer to dry.

*It is very important to always apply primer before using any eyeshadow makeup because it allows the color to stand out and stick :)

Step 2: Application!

1. Using your eyeshadow brush apply the black eyeshadow from the italia palette on the crease of your eyelid. Do this on both sides.

2. Leave the lid area untouched because the next color will be placed there. Also make sure not to take the color to high up the crease because a third color will be placed right above it and you want to leave enough space.

3. As you apply the eyeshadow create a round circular shape and make both eyes as even as possible when doing so.

Step 3: Application!

1. Using the blending brush apply the Milani (Teal The Truth) Eyeshadow on the lid area.

2. Blend the teal and the black eyeshadow where they both meet.

*Do not blend past or above the crease because another color will be placed there.

Step 4: Application!

1. Clean the blending brush by wiping it on a dry paper towel. Do this
until most of the Milani Teal color has come off.

2. Now use the blending brush again and apply the white/ light gold shimmer from the Italia palette above the top lash line.

3. Blend the white/gold shimmer and the teal color together however do not completely blend the two.

*The white/gold shimmer is used to give the teal more shine

Step 5: Application!

Now you are going to highlight by applying the white shimmer from the
Italia eyeshadow palette above the black eyeshadow.

1. Clean the eyeshadow brush by wiping it on the same dry paper towel. Do this until most of the black has come off. Its okay if some of the black stays on the brush it will help the colors fade into one another.

2. Blend slightly above the crease where both colors meet. This gives it a smooth finish.

3. Now Apply some of the white/gold shimmer on the inner corner of your eye (near the tear duct).

Step 6: Final Application!

1. Now apply liquid eyeliner along the bottom of the eyelid. (You can adjust the size or shape to your liking :)

*If you have difficulty applying liquid eyeliner you can substitute it for a smudge pot eyeliner.The liquid liner gives a more slick look and a smudge pot gives more of a matte, smokey eye look. Whatever you decided to use, they all get the job done!

2. After you apply the eyeliner, apply mascara to the bottom lashes. ( For this look I did not curl the top lashes because I wanted the eyeshadow to be more visible.)

*If you want to curl your top lashes go for it though :) Whatever your preference or habit is its all
good. I also did not apply false eyelashes however it most certainty can be done as well ! :)

3. To complete the look I filled in my eyebrows with the black eyeshadow in the Italia eyeshadow palette. My eyebrows are naturally black but that may not be the case for you. If so find a natural color like a light brown or dark brown depending on your hair color that may work for you. Use the defining brush to outline eyebrows with foundation. Once you fill in your eyebrows outline them with foundation or concealer to get a sharp sexy look. ;)

*The last image posted was taken in natural light to give you a better image of the true color.

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    8 years ago

    Very pretty! Your eyeliner is perfect too :-)


    8 years ago

    Wow your good


    8 years ago

    It came out beautiful.