Introduction: Deep Screen Dimmer

This may look like alot but the 14 steps are very short and, to-the-point
This is a response to people wanting this from my previous video...
Your going to need:
1.) Visual basic (2010 express)
2.) >net framework Version:4.0......(comes with .net v4)
3.) the compressed files with source code

Have you ever used your laptop at night, or had a painful head ache? And that damn FN key just wont dim the screen any farther than you want? That is why I made this application in visual basic. What it does is overlay a black color over your screen (default 32%) to dim the screen past the black-light capability, and the best part is that you can click through it and use your whole screen as if the dimmer wasn't even there! to change the % of dim just click the deep-dimmer in the taskbar and hold: CTRL+SHIFT and while holding the screen will go completely black and you can then change he % and let go and return to a soothing screen.......

Step 1:

After downloading my zip file and extracting it, navigate through: "click through window" and then open "clickthough window.vbproj"

Step 2:

it will start opening and asking you stuff... just keep clicking NEXT and OK until you get to the 'Conversion done screen' and then click "CLOSE"

Step 3:

You will see a blue screen with stuff around it... find the file you want edit called: ClicktThroughWindow.vb (as in the picture bellow)

Step 4:

Now to start actually doing stuff!
That box you see is your application (I will call it the 'VISUAL)
*Start by clicking on an area of text on your Application(VISUAL) and fining it in the side bar (what the arrow is pointing at) DELETE THE TEXT NEXT TO IT.

*keep repeating this for all of the text seen on the visual. (the next picture will show you what it should look like)

Step 5:

Now that you Application is clear of unnecessary text you will want to click on the first Track-bar "to select it ."  (commonly called 'that dragging bar thinngy"...)

if you look to the bottom right you will need to change the track-bar's settings to
VALUE:        90

the 90 can be what ever you like.... this is the dimness for when you hold the CTRL+SHIFT keys to modify the normal brightness (in other words just leave it at 90 to spot it out better)

Step 6:

You will now need to click somewhere on free space like at the top of the Application window to gain access to its settings from there look for: FORM BORDER STYLE: Sizable
and click by the right of the word "sizable"  for a drop-down arrow, form there find: NONE
and select 'NONE'

Step 7:

Now to change the background color to black for an adjustable dimmer color, here's how to:
*Look over in the settings and find: BACKCOLOR:  Control
again to right of 'CONTROL' will be a drop-down arrow, select the 'WEB' layout and find&select BLACK
8it should look like this now:
BACKCOLOR:        Black

Step 8:

Now you will want to change the size of you Application to fit the size of your screen....
*Find something that looks like this: SIZE:   336, 310
so change those numbers to your Width, height
***(be sure there is a comma after the width and a space after the comma!)
Size:   1366, 768

Step 9:

Now just drag the second track-bar to the bottom and scale it down to a manageable size that you are comfortable with. Your goal is to make it fit at the bottom-right of your task bar.....
but it can be wherever you want it to be

Step 10:

If you think that you got it where you want it, go ahead and click that little green play button at the top of visual basic. it will run your application and you can see if you like it.......
to stop it either close the application or click the little stop button next to play

Step 11:

After you click the play button hold CTRL+SHIFT. your screen should go black and your track bar should be visible.... while holding the buttons down drag it to the right or left  and let go of the keys you are holding.
*what CTRL+SHIFT does is make the application NOT-"Transparent" and clickable so that you can change the black-to-transparency level to your liking.

Step 12:

You can publish it now and make an installer... But some computer/Anti-virus systems don't like the installer.. so you can click the play button and open your task manager( CTRL+SHIFT+DEL) and find ( Click Through Window) and right click it and GO TO PROCESS

Step 13:

now it will bring you to the process and then you right click the process and clic: OPEN FILE LOCATION

Step 14:

now you are where the preview is running from, just copy everything there to someplace that you want it to be pasted.....
Now you have a portable screen dimming application that you made!
*you only really need these files thought:

Click Though Window.exe
Window Library.dll