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Introduction: Deer Scent Drag

Deer are very nosey creature. They live and die by what they smell. They use smell to find food. They use smell to find danger. They use smell to know when and who to breed. As a hunter, we can use that sense of smell to our advantage. One of the tools at our disposal is a scent drag. Simply put, it is something you place a scent onto, and drag it behind you to mask your own scent. I saw one of these at a store, looked at it and realized that it was nothing but paracord, plastic clips and a fancy cap. I can make that........

Step 1: Parts and Supplies.....

(3) 10 inch pieces of Paracord

(1) 6 ft piece of paracord

(2) carabineers

Electrical tape


Step 2: Make the Drag......

Simply run the 10 inch pieces of paracord through the caribiner

Step 3: Secure.....

Wrap the electrical tape around the paracord to secure it.

Step 4: Make Connection

Tie a bowline knot around the drag portion caribiner on one end of the 6 ft paracord. Tie the other carabiner to the other end.

Step 5: How to Use......

You can clip the loose caribiner to you backpack or wrap it around your boot and connect it to it self. Take the drag portion and soak it in whatever scent you want to use (doe pee, doe in rut, fox pee, etc etc etc). As it drags behind you it will distribute the scent. When you get to your hunting spot you can hang it as a lure. When you are done with the hunt, you can unclip the drag and store it in a pill bottle to keep the scent secure.

This is my First Instructible.....Good Luck!!!!

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    Nicely done! This looks simple and quick to make. Thanks!