Deer on Wood

Introduction: Deer on Wood

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Hello everybody! I'm gonna build this magnificent thingy!

Just look at that buck's rack! Seriously!

All made out of 2 x 12 pine board!

It had smelt so good that I couldn't bare it any longer!

So I hope you enjoy my instructable!

Step 1: Template

Use it as you will!

Step 2: Tracing

I don't have a printer, So I just took two pieces of paper and traced the screen and glued them together.

Step 3: Tracing Again!

Trace it to a piece of wood, I had used a 2 x 12 pine wood board.

Though you can use any board you'd like.

Step 4: Cutting!

I used a jigsaw & a wood chisel!

Yes both of the heads did break off so I glued them back on which took forever and a day to let you know.

Step 5: What I Got! Is What You Get!

This is the final product.

Yes I burned the wood with a burner (Should have used a torch)

This is a short but decent instructable I think.

So I hope you enjoy and hope that you decide to make this with a scrap board!

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    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    I think I have a certain theme going on around the fireplace xD


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    Thats a good place to put everything :) Does the wooden piece still have a strong smell to it?


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    Thank you!

    It took me all day I was doing this in 30* ferhenhiet for 4 hours though, so I'm surprised I'm not sick.

    My parents like it allot too! (Though I almost slit my throat last night when a piece of sheet metal that I was unloading from the car shot towards my throat! I have a scratch from it. I think that God just loves me, since that would make my 2nd near death experience.)