Introduction: Defeat the Drawer Clutter

Are the drawers in your kitchen and workroom cluttered and a mess? You can't find what your looking for? Here is a solution for your woes.

Step 1: What You Need to Avoid This Mess

1. Milk cartons

2. Cereal boxes

3. Scissors

4. Paint

5. Labels and a sharpie

Step 2: Cut Boxes

Cut cereal boxes to a size that will allow the insert to slide into a milk carton.

Cut the milk carton's end off to allow the cereal drawer to slide in and out.

Step 3: Paint and Label Your Drawers

Choose your favourite colour (or in my case, the handiest) and paint the top of your milk carton.

Then take labels and a sharpie and write on each drawer of the intended contents.

Using these drawers will keep crumbs and dust off of your items as well as keeping them organized! Fill your drawers and enjoy the tidiness!

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