Introduction: Delicious VEGAN Cauliflower Salad

The problem these days is that vegan food is sooo hard to find, which is why we decided to make a vegan salad, and dressing. This salad will take maximum 1 hour and 30 mins to make, but in the long run you will thank yourself for making this delicious salad. Vegan food can be gross, and lack flavor, but this salad is just the opposite, it has flavor and is delicious. So why not try to start eating healthier, and make this salad.

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Step 1: Ingredients/materials

To make this salad you will need a couple of ingredients.

One cauliflower

Some baby spinach

olive oil

salt and pepper



Now what you will need for the dressing is:

apple cider vinegar

salt and pepper


olive oil and water.

Fresh ginger

Step 2: Cutting and Baking Cauliflower

First we have to cut the cauliflower. To do so you will take the whole cauliflower and either rip little ears off (the little pieces forming the cauliflower), or you will start just dicing the cauliflower whole with a knife. You will want to make very tiny pieces, and take off all of the green parts. (Start preheating the oven now at 400 degrees Fahrenheit, so we can bake the cauliflower faster). Once you have finished cutting, you will put all the cauliflower onto a tray, and spritz some olive oil, salt and pepper on them. Once that is done you will place the cauliflower in the oven, and let it sit for 20-30 minutes, until brown. Once browning appears on the top, you will take the cauliflower and give it a shake, to turn them over, so the other side can cook also. Leave them in for another 20-40 minutes, until golden and take out. If you would like the cauliflower crispier, take them out later, but if you like them softer than take them out earlier.

Step 3: Mixing the Salad

To make the salad you will mix the spinach in a bowl, and start adding the cauliflower. Once cauliflower is mixed in start adding the pistachios and the dates. The dates will give a little sweetness, and the pistachios will give a little crunch. Feel free to add any other topping, for instance pomegranates, walnuts, almonds, and any other creative idea you have as a topping. Dressing is optional, but I would recommend it, its delicious and will complete the salad.

Step 4: Making the Dressing (while Cauliflower Is Roasting).

Making the dressing is the last, and optional step. To save time, make the dressing while the cauliflower is roasting. You will need 1 date, tablespoon of apple cider vinegar, tablespoon of tahini, juice of half of a lemon, a centimeter piece of fresh ginger, 3 tablespoons of olive oil and 3-4 tablespoons of water (enough to thin out to a consistency that you like). The tahini can be thick, so be sure to add water, to even out the consistency of the thickness of the tahini. Once you have all of your ingredients , you will place them in a blender, and blend until the right consistency for you. It can be creamy or smooth, both can be done. When you get the right consistency, drizzle it over the salad and enjoy :)!! You worked hard for it!!

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