Introduction: Delicious and Easy Thai Iced Tea

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Ever wanted to enjoy your own sweet, milky, bright orange and heavily caffeinated thai iced tea? Read on and learn how easy it is to make yourself!

It's personally my favorite drink and love how easy it is to make.

Step 1: Materials

You only need a few different ingredients for this delicious summer drink:

  • Thai Tea Mix (link to buy)
    • This is your main ingredient. Use this delicious smelling blend of spices and added orange coloring to make the iconic beverage.
    • If you want, you can actually make this mix from scratch! But it's not really necessary, and a lot easier to start from the mix
  • Tea Sock (link to buy)
    • This is used to strain out the mix; I'll explain it's exact usage later
  • Sugar (2 cups)
  • Evaporated Milk (one can)
    • Optional: you can also use sweetened condensed milk; in this case, use less sugar in the mix, as the sweetened condensed milk is very sweet.

Other Materials needed:

  • Large pot
  • Large pitcher
  • Stirring spoon
  • Measuring cup

Step 2: Cooking

Now it's time to cook. I really like Thai Iced Tea, so I make large batches at once. Feel free to scale down the recipe if necessary. This makes plenty for a large gathering of people, or for just me for a week or so.

  1. Boil 8 cups of water in the large pot
  2. Add 1 cup of thai tea mix to the pot
  3. Add 2 cups of sugar and stir in
  4. Cook for five minutes, stirring as necessary
  5. Let sit for 10 minutes (off of heat)
  6. Filter into new container through tea sock
  7. Let cool in fridge for 40-60 minutes

And now you're almost there!

Step 3: Pouring a Glass

Time for the fun part.

Prepare a glass by filling it with ice; pour your tea over it.

Now add your evaporated milk (or condensed milk if you chose that recipe variant). I find a few tablespoons is good, but feel free adjust based on your preference.

Next, stir in and enjoy the beautiful swirls the two liquids make with each other.


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